About Good Dog Honey

We are a family living in Redmond, WA. We have long been backyard gardeners growing a portion of our own vegetables and flowers for the beauty. Several years ago we began reading about the plight of the honey bee and the potential impact of its decline on the general food supply. We were drawn to learn more and eventually put a hive in our backyard garden. This was the beginning of our beekeeping.

That first year we saw terrific yields from our garden. We were canning tomatoes and peppers that took us through the entire winter. No better winter soup can be made than one from home grown garden vegies. Our neighbors also noticed better yields in their vegetable gardens and even in flowers.

We were hooked on beekeeping right from the start. Seeing the girls (the foragers) go out and return full of pollen is a happy sight.

Seeing yellow jackets attack our hive was frightening. We learned the hard way that bees have natural predators.

We continue to learn more about bees and beekeeping each year through reading, observing, research and membership in the local beekeepers association (Puget Sound Beekeepers Association).

The world of nature is ever-changing and dynamic and we try to listen and learn actively.

We believe in natural, non-chemical bee keeping just as we keep organic gardens.

Wizard - our Borzoi. Shasta - our Borzoi.Our name; "Good Dog Honey" comes from, yes, our dogs. When we first installed a hive in our backyard we were concerned about our dogs chasing the bees. Well, our dogs sat at the side of the hive and watched in wonder as the bees flew out and returned. The dogs were almost mesmerized by the activity. No chasing, no harassing of the hive or bees. Just Good Dogs! We could not help ourselves but reward our dogs by naming the honey after them. Yes, we love our dogs.