Good Dog Honey

Beekeeper Apprentice Program

We are passionate about our bees and the role that they play in the cycle of food production on our earth.  Without honey bees approximately 1/3 of our crops would be unpollenated and fail.  Because of passion and love of bees we enjoy teaching others about the art of beekeeping and related science.  We offer a program in which we will mentor a beginning beekeeper through the first year.  Thereafter you will have contacts and resources and a full year’s experience to go forward.  During the year we will guide and assist you with practical experience in the hive, introduce you to other beekeepers and the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association and give you resources for in depth learning.  In more detail the program is described below.

How we help you learn:

Well before your bees arrive you will need to choose a bright sunny location and purchase some equipment. We are available to review your site locations and make suggestions for alternatives if the location you chose wouldn't meet with the needs of a hive.

We also have articles on beekeeping, equipment list and other information available in the Reading Room page.

The article of most relevance for equipment is the New Beekeeper - Equipment List

Assist in setup

We will be with you from the beginning.

When your new bees arrive we will show you how to install the bees into your beehive and walk you through what comes next.

Initial weekly visits

Beginning with the installation of bees and continuing for 3 weeks after (for a total of 4 weeks) we will assist you in learning the art of beekeeping.

Monthly visits throughout the season

After the 1st month the bees should be well on their way to building honey comb and storing away honey. After the initial 4 weeks we will schedule visits, once per month for the remainder of the season.

The bee season runs from April though late October or early November.

If additional visits are required those can be arranged.