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Host a Hive

Different ways you can host beehives in your own yard

If you find interest in bees or feel a desire to help them in the plight to survive or if you would like to see better yields in your backyard gardens perhaps hosting a hive is something for you to consider.  Hive hosting is becoming a popular way for individuals to support natural food growing, aide the future of the bees and learn along the way.  Hosting a hive is not dangerous or hazardous.  It merely means that you will provide a location for one or more hives.  Hosting agreements usually are of a 12 month duration.  We provide several options in hive hosting which vary in the level of participation that you choose.  Our hive hosting agreements range from providing only a location for one or more hives and we will do the work (you benefit from pollination) to the total opposite of our coaching you through your first year managing a hive yourself.  (see also our Apprentice Program).

Hive hosting is available in Redmond, Washington and surrounding areas.

If you are interested in hosting a hive please fill out the contact page and a representative will get back to you with more details.

Hosting options:

Hive hosting

This program is for the homeowner that wants to have honey bees to help in the pollination of their fruit, vegetable and flower gardens.  We supply a nice, sunny location, we supply the hives, bees and care.  For a small fee each month you will be served with a jar of honey, from your hives if available and the happiness of knowing that you are part of a community of people who want to ensure pollinators continue to live and thrive in the area.

Hive Share

Similar to the hive hosting program this program adds the excitement of assisting in the management of the hives placed on your property.  You are welcome to suit up and get up-close and personal with the bees.  This is an excellent way to experience bee keeping without committing to owning your own hives.  If over time you feel that you would prefer to take over we have a conversion program to transfer the ownership of the hives to you.

Start your Own

This program makes you the beekeeper. We will assist you in all steps along the way with guidance to ensure your first year experience with beekeeping is as pleasant and enjoyable for you as well as for your new bees.

If you are considering keeping hives for the first time you may want to preview the various articles in the interesting reading page.

This program is covered in more detail on the Apprentice Program page

Fill out the contact page for available slots in our new beekeeper apprentice program.