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Honey Sales


We sell honey when it is available. Our first use of honey is for our bees to eat through the winter. Bees naturally store their honey for consumption during the winter months when they are not flying. When there is excess honey we make it available for purchase.

Our bee hives are managed using "treatment free" practices. This means we use no antibiotics or chemicals that might adversely affect the bees or the products they produce.

Our honey comes in eco-friendly 16 and 32 ounce recyclable PETE plastic, BPA free jars.

The amber color of honey is the result of natural antioxidants collected by the bees in the nectar they collect. Darker honey will generally have higher levels of these natural antioxidants.

Our honey is not heated nor pasteurized with minimal filtering to ensure you the closest to raw unprocessed honey possible.

The “flavors” of honey come from the nectar used by the bees in making the honey. No flavoring have been added to our honey.

Honey is available for purchase using the contact page or by visiting one of our local vendors listed below.

Local Vendors:

* Steel Wheel Farm, Fall City

honey label

Available Honey Flavors:

Redmond Back Yard

*Limited quantities*

Redmond backyard is a medium dark honey with a complex flavor and hints of the many herb gardens in our neighborhood.

Kirkland Orchard

*Limited quantities*

Hives surrounded by fruit trees yielded this bright, light and fruity honey. A slight hint of citrus combined with fresh apple and peach give a honey filled with spring sunshine. Great for your favorite herb tea, toast or muffins and a flavorful topper for cornbread.

Redmond Highlands

*Limited quantities*

This honey embraces the wild berry flavors that are native to the foothills of the Cascade region. Blackberry and wild raspberry and the freshness of the northwoodlands make this honey gentle in flavor with a rich fruitiness. It will enhance the flavor of any fruit crisp or cobbler without over sweetening the dessert.


Fireweed honey comes from the nectar of fireweed plants. It is actually a weed found in the mountains of the Northwest. The flavor is mildly floral and holds the freshness of the North Cascades.


Raspberry honey is made from the nectar of raspberry flowers. This is a sweet and fruity honey. No, it does not taste like raspberries but carries the sweetness of summer berries.

Please use the contact page to request information regarding pricing, availability and pick-up locations.